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Aug 2015


Here’s Where Your Water Will Come From

Purifying Water for a Sustainable Tomorrow Recently, some members of GreenTown Los Altos’ water team got to tour the new Silicon Valley Water Purification Center. The Center, which processes waste water to levels of drinking water uses an array of processes for delivering their high quality water. While currently the processed ...

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Jun 2015


Will You Reduce Water Use By 32%? Try These Tips.

Remember this number: 32. That’s the percent mandated for Los Altos residents to reduce water starting in July. Knowing how water is used is a good starting point for hitting that reduction number. Landscaping (50%): With around 50% of water typically used for irrigation, your lawn is the best source to tap for most savings. […]

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Apr 2013


Shaped by Water Exhibition wins Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award

The Shaped by Water Exhibition has been recognized for the fun, engaging and significant role it plays in educating the public on the importance of water conservation.

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