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Oct 2018


Waymo Waybetta in Los Altos

By Gary Hedden You have seen them. A lot of them – Waymo’s self-driving Chrysler minivans. Waymo is an independent company under the Google umbrella that started testing in 2009 and became Waymo in 2016. They have completed 5 million miles of self-driven operation and billions of miles of simulated driving. Their goal is ...

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Apr 2018


Don’t Be Fuelish: The Future of Passenger Vehicles in California

Join us for an inspiring, roll-up-your-sleeves event to celebrate Earth Month! Internal combustion engines are an outdated technology; clean cars are already viable. So why are we still stuck in the gasoline era, and what will it take to end it? In this session, we’ll explore why gasoline is not a sustainable option, discuss the ...

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Jan 2013


GreenTown kicks off Energy Program for 2013

GreenTown kicked off its Jan. 9th community meeting with an eye on saving energy.

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