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Feb 2019


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Get A Rebate. Yep!

We’re all about shrinking our collective carbon footprint (we even have an evening event about it which you can register for here) which is why finding these rebates felt like serendipity! Do you know that there are many sources of FREE Money and FREE Services to help you increase your home’s energy efficiency, save ...

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Feb 2019


Vroom! Anti-Idling Campaign Gaining Traction

Interested in reducing health risks from air toxins at your child’s school? GreenTown can help! Word of the health risks to children from air toxins in idling vehicle emissions is spreading and schools are taking notice. The LAHS GreenTeam is conducting an Anti-Idling Campaign in early February and GreenTown Los Altos will be ...

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Nov 2018


Idling Engines are Harming our Children

Do your friends sit in their cars with the engines on while waiting for their kids to get out of school? Okay, maybe you’ve even done it yourself once or twice. Do you ever get into your car, turn it on, then check your phone or eat a sandwich? What about when you go to […]

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Nov 2017


Holiday Gifts Are The Best! Waste Is The Worst. How To Enjoy Both.

Holiday giving is fun for many reasons, including the excitement of gift giving. With the challenge of what to get the kids always top of mind, it is rare for the issue of waste coming on the gift giving radar screen. We consider toys, books, a new computer, a phone, clothes and more. How about […]

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