Water Stewardship Program

This Page is Under Construction. Please check back soon for a full description of our missions and our activities.

GreenTown Los Altos is committed to watershed health. We are working with several non-profits, agencies and city governments to fulfill our missions. The two main areas of focus are listed below:

Creek Health

  • Removing the fish barrier in Permanente Creek at the Bypass Diversion Channel
  • Removing fish barriers along Adobe Creek at Hidden Villa and Foothill College
  • Promoting education about Lehigh Cement’s discharge to Permanente Creek
  • Water Monitoring of local creeks – March 18 Permanente Creek Event
  • Semiannual Creek Clean Up events of Adobe and Permanente Creeks
  • Annual Watershed Tours
  • Flood analysis discussion – (see blog posts)
  • Promoting Integrated Pest Management
  • Signage on Adobe Creek
  • Naming of minor Tributaries of Adobe and Permanente in order to protect them
  • Advocating for greater set-back area and restrictions for creeks and their tributaries
  • Reviewing city policies for storm water runoff, advocating for permeable surfaces
  • and much more…

Lee Vining Creek photographed by Jim Liscovek, GreenTown volunteer

Water Conservation

  • Lawn Replacement Education
  • Native Plant Advocates
  • Irrigation Best Practices & Green Gardener Program
  • Advocating Waterwise House Calls and Water Efficient Appliances
  • Greywater Workshop
  • Rain Barrel Workshop
  • and much more…

Let it flow,
Kit Gordon
Watershed Stewardship Chair

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