Sustainable Land Use

Working to educate and engage the community about smart growth land use choices.

The GreenTown Los Altos Sustainable Land Use Work Group is working to educate and engage the community about smart growth land use choices for downtown Los Altos and the Community Center.


  • Engage the community and foster support for a sustainable downtown with higher density mixed-use buildings, a central park, and a pedestrian focus to create a more vibrant, economically-vital and sustainable community.
  • Ultimately reduce car trips in town and to other towns.


  • Published The New Science of Parking: Parking Management Strategies for Los Altos
  • Produced downtown sustainable design vision renderings
  • Presentations delivered to over 500 individuals and groups (including City commissions, committees, and council)
  • Changes in downtown zoning enacted by city council including: First Street re-zoning to include mixed use buildings, Packard building approved with 1.5/1,000 SF parking, strong support built for creating a central park, 85% of attendees at 2 City meetings spoke in favor of taller buildings, mixed use, and higher density.

For more information, contact:

Forrest Linebarger, Chair
Joe Eyre, Vice Chair

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