Bike/Walk Los Altos/Hills

Building a More Bicycle- and Pedestrian-Friendly Community

GreenTown works to build a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly community through services, programs and advocacy. Sixty percent of the energy used in Santa Clara County is for transportation – cars and trucks.  But 40% of car trips are less than two miles – an easy biking distance! Imagine what we could do collectively, if we shift just one car trip per week to biking or walking.

GreenTown volunteers kick off the Drive Less Challenge

Wanna know how to get around by bike?

GreenTown Los Altos’ Bike/Walk program activities include the following:

  • Bike/Walk to School – Walk or Wheel (WoW!) programs at local elementary and junior high schools get kids walking and biking to school.
  • DriveLess/Greenest Schools Challenge – A two-week challenge starting on Earth Day to encourage Los Altos/Hills residents to adopt green modes of transportation for themselves and especially for their school age children. We celebrate new green habits with awards for the Greenest Schools and at our Bike to Work Day Party in May.
  • Bike Valets – Leave your car home. Park your bike worry-free. Among our events are the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival (July) and Fall Festival (October).
  • Bike Tours – Next tour is the September 29, 2012 Historical Bike Tour to celebrate Los Altos’ 60th Anniversary, in partnership with the City of Los Altos and the Los Altos History Museum.
  • ReCycle Bike Drive – Re-Cycle, our first annual bike drive, was held in March 2012 in partnership with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Bike Exchange. We collected, cleaned and fixed bikes for kids in need and plan to make this an annual event. This is now a semi-annual event. Learn more.
  • Bicycle Safety – Key to a more bike-friendly community – includes advocating for bicycle safety education in the schools, including assemblies and skills “rodeos” and events such as our Bike and Bike Safety Rodeo for the community at large, which covers bike safety tips and a review of gear for improving bicycle safety and utility (e.g., lamps, reflectors, baskets, senior-friendly 3-wheelers).

The Bike/Walk Committee meets monthly at noon on the 3rd Friday. For more information, email us at

Mike McTighe, Chair Bike/Walk Committee