Bike/Walk Los Altos/Hills

A More Bicycle- & Pedestrian-Friendly Community

GreenTown’s goal is a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly community. We do so through services, programs and advocacy. With sixty percent of the energy used in Santa Clara County is for transportation – cars and trucks yet 40% of car trips are less than two miles – an easy biking distance! Imagine what we could do collectively, if we shift just one car trip per week to biking or walking.

GreenTown Los Altos’ Bike/Walk activities include :

  • Bike/Walk to School – Walk or Wheel (WoW!) programs at our elementary & junior high schools get kids walking/biking to school.
  • Bike Valets – Enjoy local events & leave your car home. Park your bike worry-free at events including Fine Art in the Park (May), the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival (July) and Fall Festival (October).
  • Bike Tours – We lead tours that mix fun with a little education. April is our Native Garden Bike Tour, aka Lawn-Be-Gone Bike Tour, September is the Historic Homes Bike Tour, and we’ve had a couple of night bike rides, the Winter Solstice in Dec. and the Summer Solstice in June.
  • ReCycle Bike Drive – We collect used bikes, clean them up, and distribute them to students who can’t afford to buy one. This annual event happens in May. Learn more.

For more information about the bike/walk committee, email us.