GreenTown Los Altos is currently focused on four primary programs:

1. WATER – Stewardship Program
The Water Stewardship Program focuses on educating and encouraging Los Altos/Hills residents to conserve water and reduce pollution to our waterways.
2. WASTE – Waste Not Want Not
Waste Not Want Not emphasizes helping residents learn how to avoid generating waste, where possible, and how to recycle and compost the rest. Businesses benefit from our Business Co-Op which helps restaurants switch to compostable take-out containers at affordable prices.
3. WATTS – Energy Savers Program
Energy Savers educates Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents about ways they can reduce their home energy use and shift to renewable resources.
4. WOW (Walk or Wheel) – Bike/Walk Los Altos!
Bike/Walk Los Altos! focuses on engaging residents in getting out and around Los Altos and Los Altos Hills on foot or by bike. Educational events, friendly competitions and incentives, help to motivate a shift toward these more sustainable modes of transportation.

Check the Events Calendar for upcoming GreenTown Los Altos events.