Personal Action

Become a leader in GreenTown Los Altos.

Get involved with GreenTown and spread the word to family, friends and the and institutions, schools and businesses in which you’re involved.

Speak Out

Contact city officials about your concerns. Email the Los Altos City Council or the Los Altos Hills City Council Members

At Home

  • photoGet a home energy audit through Recurve
  • Eat local and sustainable foods
  • Take a shorter shower, use a timer
  • Invest in additional insulation and weatherization
  • Invest in renewable energy, such as solar panels for your home electric needs
  • When you remodel, call a certified green building professional
  • Buy products with less packaging; Buy second-hand items instead of new
  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star rated appliances: front-loading washer; dishwasher; refrigerator; furnace; Install Energy Star ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Install a tankless water heater and an on-demand pump (e.g. ACT Metlund)
  • Replace a standard pool filtration pump with a variable speed pump
  • Plant deciduous trees on the southern face of your home for summer shade
  • Clean the filter on your furnace monthly; clean the coils on your AC every 3 years

At Work

Support Local and National Environmental Organizations