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Drive Less & Greenest Schools Challenge

Commit to Drive Less.

Reduce congestion, clean the air!

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Challenge yourself to reduce single person vehicle trips during our two-week Drive Less Challenge. Join other environmentally-minded residents and make a pledge to walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation instead of driving your car for some or all of your normal transportation needs. Even one trip can make a difference! It could be a change that will change your life or the lifelong commuting choices of your children.

Parents, tired of the long line-ups at school? How about a nice walk or cycle with the kids! See how leaving the car at home can lower your stress levels. Walk or Wheels (WoW!) program parent volunteers encourage green transportation habits at our elementary and middle schools. They will lead their students in friendly competition for The Greenest Schools in Los Altos during the Challenge. Check out our Greenest Schools page for more details.

Explore public transit options for your work commute or shopping trips. Did you know that the light rail accessible at the Mountain View Transit center takes you to the Milpitas Mall?

Adults will enter a personal pledge to Drive Less before or during the Challenge by registering on Eventbrite. Parents of children in Los Altos School District and Montclaire schools will note their school affiliation and support for their children’s green commute choices.

Need some ideas on how to start greening your transportation? Check out these informative links:

Going to San Francisco to visit a museum or play? Plan an adventure on Caltrain. No parking nightmares or expensive parking fees! Relax and arrive refreshed and ready to have fun.

We hope the Drive Less Challenge will be fun and make a long term change your daily commute habits.